As a ministry grows it becomes imperative for it to focus on its young population;
to be an active player in directing the barrage of evolving factors impacting on its younger population as opposed to standing by the side lines and watching helplessly as
dominant culture takes over the psyche of these precious ones…

  •                    – Olufunke Adio. Author. Creativity and Innovation in Children Education


Today, the Church is faced with a unique challenge and responsibility to learn new ways of communicating timeless truths in an increasingly changing world. The Children Church Curriculum Re-modelling framework is designed to help children church teachers and leaders do just that.
Some of the areas in focus include:

  • Complexities associated with leading today’s child.
  • Factors crucial in determining content of curricula for children ministry.
  • New paradigms required in teaching roles.
  • Change in culture, society, technology and impact on the 21st Century child.
  • Creative and innovative ideas in developing compelling learning experiences


General 1
Furthermore, the course content is designed to:
1. Convey three critical concepts impacting on life and living today
2. Provide guidelines for and communicate to junior church leaders the changes in teaching methodologies required to make a real impact where the teaching a ‘new breed’ of generation is concerned.

Moving From -Moving ToGeneral2
Relegation of Absolute Truth- Description: Older generations are familiar with the concept of absolute truthbut not so much the younger generation. This has implications that deserve exploration and clarification.

Relegation of Absolute Truth
Sample Description: To be effective, teachers/leaders must understand the influence of popular concepts and be adequately equipped to convey truth in ways that bring clarification to unasked questions in the mind of the child. For example, the concept of ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ is fast giving way to ‘politically correct’ ideologies.

Re-Modelling Approach
Relegation of Absolute Truth 2
Rules to Inspiring Description: In re-modelling teaching approach, it is important for teachers/leaders to for example understand the language of the generation they’re trying to reach and to engage inspirational techniques as a tool for impact as opposed to dishing out rules.

Church Curriculum Program
Fees include:
Course Material
Extensive Reference/Resource Materials


We deeply appreciate your presence at the just-concluded Basic Certificate Course in Church Administration.
Thanks for being a blessing to us and the body of Christ. The participants are yet to recover from the encounter they had with you. We pray for renewal of strength for you, and may you never lose your reward in Jesus name. Amen.

                          – D. Ayo Bankole, Business Development, Church Management Consult