About Us

Olufunke AdioMy name is Olufunke Adio. I am the instigator at the ParentingForGood Project.
I am a parent, management trainer, behavioral and productivity consultant.

I have always been deeply drawn to the idea of sourcing and disseminating vital information especially where children and the church are concerned.
Following several years of interaction with parents, leaders and teachers of children across the country both independently and under the auspice of Church Management Consult, Lagos Nigeria, I have spoken and taught extensively on themes relating to leading the child in effective ways. More recently however, I find I’m beginning to speak directly to parents & children. As I do, I see frameworks emerge. I have taken a great deal of time time to put this body of knowledge into very simple, easy to comprehend models.

Information in these packages is an indispensable powerhouse for parents & parent groups determined to succeed with children in today’s world.

It will be a delight and a great honor to share intricacies of these frameworks with  parents, parent groups at your school and church.
…Can’t wait to partner with you. Reach out today: