I believe that we owe our young ones the responsibility of preparing them for the world which is emerging and in which they will become players…they need be prepared to make the most of their lives in an increasingly complex and competitive world. 
                                                   – Adio Olufunke – Author, A Little Girl Inspires.

The 21st Century Parenting Framework is a simple model that encapsulates the critical areas impacting on 21st life and living. It is especially designed to empower parents in leading today’s child in a proactive, meaningful and godly manner. The core philosophy in the design of this framework is to instigate parents to be ‘strategic’ and deliberate with respect to parenting today’s child.

The Model takes into cognizance 4 critical areas namely:
1. The Media
2. The Internet
3. Pop-Culture
4. The Future of Work

Each category within the framework is thoroughly analyzed along three crucial areas:
1. What is it? Defining a particular concept, ideology or associated technologies
2. So What? Clarifying the implication of particular concept in focus
3. What can you do? Highlighting tools, strategies and skills to deploy in protecting, educating and leading the child.


This simple model serves the following functions:
1. Help parents to see at a glance factors to be taken into consideration in raising the 21st Century child;
2. Help parents gain in-depth understanding of the subtle and sinister effect of these factors on the 21st Century child;
3. Help parents identity the skills, competences and mind-sets that they parents need to grow, harness and deploy in raising a 21st Century child;
4. Empower parents with tools required to respond proactively as opposed to ‘ignoring’ and denying the grave impact of these factors.

Program Snippet
Media Category


Navigation Description: Parents need to take the lead in explaining the negative implications of popular but ungodly philosophies being projected via the media. The child should not be left to navigate the murky terrain all by himself/herself.

Internet Category
Empowerment Description: Truth be told, children need skills to navigate the digital terrain. Unfortunately many parents still feel squeamish about using technology. While that is understandable, in the end, it’s nearly impossible to absolutely outsource the role of providing the much needed guidance that a digital child would require in order to be truly safe. On account of this, parents need consider learning basic technology skills E.g. Browser history checks, apps approvals, monitoring technologies etc.

Pop-Culture Category

Awareness Description: Parents will be challenged to refuse the lure to live in a bubble; to understand the power and potential influence of dominant culture and continuous exposure of the same on a young child vis-à-vis scale, accessibility and intensity. Parents will be empowered to achieve understanding with their child in this regard without instigating rancor or resentment from the child.

Future Vocations Category
Future Vocations

  1. Modernism Description: To lead effectively, parents will be required to understand the [global] factors driving vocational related choices today. The goal is to bring misunderstandings and associated parent-child conflicts to a barest minimum especially where the dissenting views about vocational choices are concerned.


21st Century Parenting Program


We appreciate the great grace, confidence and boldness with which you dish out the mind of God at this time to the church. Hmmn! Your delivery at our event was just uncommon and we pray that the hand of God will not depart from your life and ministry IJN.
Thank you so much for making yourself available for His assignment.

                                                              -HOD, Children Department Life Changers Ministry