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The growing complexities associated with leading today’s child can no longer be denied. Several insidious factors continue to threaten the sanctity of our morality as we know it.
The impact of Pop-Culture, Technology, Internet, Media and Social Media on our young ones are unprecedented. For example while there are pros of technology in all spheres of work and life, the associated vices are equally enormous. Unfortunately and especially on account of economic factors parents are increasingly being removed from parenting roles.
It appears that today in the quest for attaining greater heights of spirituality, Christian parents, leaders and teachers are becoming blind sighted about the scale and dynamics of the prevailing factors on today’s child. To this end the aforementioned people are rarely equipped to guide, monitor and direct the young ones in ways that produce much impact.
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The point is, teaching young children today using the very curriculum which their parents used some thirty years ago and in the same church [devoid of any modification whatsoever] is a definite proof that a local church is doing a great disservice to her young population….
– Olufunke ADIO, Author, Creativity & Innovation in Children Education 

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